Have you ever felt so accomplished with your day it was ridiculously unbelievable? Everything you had planned was just on track? That was me on July 4th 2014. I had done all my morning chores quicker than usual because I was so excited to go for a hot yoga class I haven’t been able to do in over 18 months.  My son Elijah was almost 9 months old and I had lost all the baby weight and this was the beginning of toning to get to my desired fitness level.

On my way out I lean over to kiss my boys goodbye. My husband says “oh Fire” casually as he walks over to the kitchen. I didn’t think much of it therefore; I didn’t care to look right away I instead just kept my son company while hubby was dealing with the so called “fire”. Next thing I knew, the fire alarms are going off and my husband is in panic mode asking were the fire extinguisher was. I then looked over to the kitchen and noticed smoke coming to the dining room, I also noticed flames coming from a pot on the burner, and flames were touching the microwave above the stove. As my husband ran to the basement in a 6 level town house to get the fire extinguisher, I put our son down on the couch rushed for the phone that was on the kitchen table.  Came back then picked up baby E and ran outside while calling 911. By then, there was smoke all over that level of our home.

I was standing outside with Elijah in my arms waiting for my husband to come out, the 911 lady was still on the phone, I could see smoke coming out of our home. I could hear sirens in the background. So surreal to think they were coming for us, I had a feeling of relief come over me at the same time that help was almost here, but my husband was still inside. All the stories I have heard about the dangers of smoke were running through my mind. Questions in my mind were just running a thousand miles an hour….. did he find the fire extinguisher? Did he put the fire out?  What’s taking him so long to come out? Did he collapse from the smoke?  I felt helpless standing there and time seemed to stand still.


To be continued…….

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