I know I’m not alone when I say that I struggle to balance all of my priorities. I am a wife, a mom, friend, daughter, and sister. I am looking to work full time as a certified nursing assistant and am constantly expanding/working on my professional education. On top of all that I am a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast. But how to find time to do it all.

Scheduling In Me Time
As women we are hardwired as caretakers who put everyone first. While our nature to nurture is the glue that keeps our family together, if we don’t make time for ourselves we can burnout. This is why it is essential to schedule in your me time. Whether it’s coffee with your best friend, your weekly hot yoga class, or a date with your partner the hour or two here or there make a real difference.

Ask For Help
Another area most of us can improve upon is in asking for help when we need it, without feeling shame or guilt. From asking your partner to help a bit more around the house to arranging a carpool for your kids, or hiring a babysitter, personal assistant, or errand runner to lighten your load. These will all help you to achieve the balance you require to be your best you.

Double Up
Another way to maintain balance is to double up when you can. For example, instead of heading to the gym or yoga studio I can spend an active day in the park playing with my family. Or I can go on a walk with my husband. Or I can take a fitness class with a friend and have coffee before or after. Doubling up may not work all the time but can be

Last but not least, take breaks. This might mean actually taking all of your vacation days, dropping your kids off with grandma and grandpa for the night, or scheduling a massage. Achieving balance will ensure you are your best you in every area of your life!

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