The friendships we form are some of the greatest joys in life. Our friends build us up when we are feeling down, challenge us to be our best selves, and forgives us and stand by our side when we have a misstep. They are who we share our hopes, fears, and dreams with.

Your Inner Circle Can Be Small
Between school, work, and the parents with kids who are a similar age—most moms have a long list of contacts. When it comes to choosing your inner circle most of us have only a handful of people we turn to. When it comes to prioritizing your time, these are the friends to make sure you stay in touch with.

Utilize But Don’t Rely Wholly On Electronic Communication
Text messaging and social media help us stay connected but they must not be our only means of communication. When it comes to your nearest and dearest utilize electronic communication to check in but more direct communication to really stay in touch. For those who live too far to see in person, video chat is a must.

Make Sure You Have Some One-On-One Time
With our busy schedules we often see our friends in a group setting, during the holidays, birthday parties, and other friend and family gatherings. However, you must schedule in some time one-on-one. This might be before or after the gathering, talking on the phone after the kids are in bed, or meeting for coffee or lunch.

Our friends are to be cherished, and never to be forgotten. No matter how busy or stressful life gets we will help each other stay balanced!

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